Rutgers Windows Vista Activator

Rutgers Windows Vista Activator 1.2

This program simplifies the activation process with Microsoft Volume Activation
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Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

The Rutgers Windows Activator is designed to simplify the activation process involved with Microsoft's Volume Activation 2.0 first introduced with Windows Vista and carried through past MS Office 2010.
The application is typically unnecessary for machines that are regularly or always connected to the Rutgers network, provided the Rutgers media is used for installation. These machines will typically activate automatically upon reboot.
The following are some of the situations in which running the Rutgers Windows Activator is necessary:
-The machine cannot reach Rutgers private address space. This is almost always the case when the machine is kept off-campus.
-The machine's initial hardware configuration indicates that it was not shipped from the manufacturer with a valid Windows installation.

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